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Brea, CA— Many businesses question if window washing their commercial building is a necessity, especially when facing a major drought. With California and many other states passing new laws on mandatory water reduction by 25% and the California State Water Resources Control Board stating that outdoor water use accounts for almost 80% of use, the question seems easy to answer; “Save money and water by refraining from window washing the building this year.” However, the answer is not so simple.

Contract Services Group, Inc. (CSG) is Green Clean certified and holds to the most recent standards, equipment, products and practices. Because of such actions, minimal water use is actually required in order to wash the windows of a building. With over 40 years in the Window Washing Services Industry, CSG has seen the downfall effects of what happens to glass when windows are not washed on a regular basis.

Glass is a very delicate, porous surface that can develop build up of dirt or other airborne pollutants and requires periodic cleaning and upkeep. Because windows are constantly exposed to outside elements such as heat from the sun, humidity, wind and rain, the dirt/pollutant buildup can penetrate through the glass causing permanent damage and staining. Glass attracts contamination quite regularly and can cost a business up to hundreds of thousands of dollars for window replacement. Degradation of glass will affect the value of the property. Avoid expensive costs while still conserving water and wash your windows thoroughly on a regular basis.

The question remains, fact or fib? FIB. Window washing is not detrimental during a drought.

Contract Services Group, Inc. is also an ISSA CIMS Green Building Certified with Honors Contractor. To learn more about the CIMS-GB certification visit

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About Contract Services Group, Inc.

Contract Services Group, Inc. provides commercial janitorial, window cleaning, and window washing systems. CSG’s online presence is located at and CSG provides janitorial and window cleaning services throughout California, Nevada and Arizona, and provides window washing systems nation wide.

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