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Contract Services Group is always looking for opportunities to grow to new areas. We can do this quickly and effectively through our partnership with WeWork. WeWork is a shared co-working space, this allows us to quickly open an office in a new region so that we can begin interviewing and processing hires until a more permanent location is found. WeWork has offices throughout the world in every major city. In conjunction with our partnership with WeWork we also have CSG’s new account task force which is comprised of our Senior Vice President or Vice President of Operations, Head Recruiter, and an area manager to ensure that your property receives the support it needs during a transition of service providers. Once our task force arrives, they will meet with your team to go over our transition plan as well as review what your expectations are. Once that is complete, our task force will begin interviewing and hiring for your property and begin training our new team members with both our expectations and procedures, but also any site or client specific requests. The task force will be on site for as long as it takes to find a suitable account manager and bring them up to and beyond expectations for the client. Once our team and account manager are ready to go. Our task force will leave, but we are always a phone call or email away to help support our clients and team members. We will also visit each region at least once a quarter. During these visits we will work to optimize our service to our clients and discuss any issues or requests that our clients have.


CSG connects via its Facebook Page, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram accounts.

About Contract Services Group, Inc.

Contract Services Group, Inc. provides commercial janitorial, window cleaning, and window washing systems. CSG’s online presence is located at http://www.csgcares.com.

CSG provides janitorial and window cleaning services throughout California, Nevada, and Arizona.

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