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Start your Year off Right with a Job at CSG

Updated: Jan 8

The New Year is the perfect time for fresh starts and new endeavors. Now is the perfect time to take that next step in your life this New Year and start a career with Contract Services Group, Inc. (CSG).

If you have made finding a new job in the new year a resolution, CSG can help you achieve this goal. CSG offers fast-paced job opportunities at premier resorts and facilities that will improve your career path.

CSG offers various job opportunities that allow you to expand your professional career and advance your skillset. Our jobs range from room attendants and day porters at resorts to high-rise window washers. CSG regularly posts new job openings on the jobs page of our website to ensure you are informed on our latest hiring developments.

Why CSG?

When you work for CSG you become a part of a family. Our team members are incredibly valued and respected. CSG has team members celebrating 30 years with the company. Their dedication and commitment to CSG are a testament to the positive work environment we seek to create.

CSG is currently hiring throughout the entire state of California. We know that our team members are pivotal to our success therefore we prioritize their well-being. Working for CSG will guarantee security and the potential for job growth.

Competitive Wages

CSG offers competitive wages and a comprehensive packet of benefits. We strive to not only be fair and honest in all of our dealings but also to set a standard that sets us apart. CSG is not a temp agency, therefore team members are provided job security that is often not guaranteed by our competitors.

Internal Promotion

Beginning your career with CSG this January paves the path for promotion and pay raises throughout 2023. CSG believes strongly in internal promotion and provides regular training to ensure our team members are always equipped for success.

Additionally, CSG offers full-time and part-time jobs with flexible schedules to allow you to balance your job with other life events. CSG prides itself on setting our team members for success.


Safety is CSG's number one priority when it comes to our team members. CSG believes that all accidents can be prevented and is committed to mitigating risk in the workplace.

We have worked hard to construct an effective safety program consisting of a Safety Steering Council, weekly Safety tailgate topics, and bi-weekly company-wide safety meetings.

Safety takes the forefront of all our operations because we strongly believe all team members deserve to return home safely from work. Working with CSG will guarantee that your health and well-being are a priority.

Best in Class Talent Acquisition Team

In addition to the abundance of job postings, CSG has a skilled team of talent acquisition specialists that facilitate the hiring process for new hires. CSG’s talent acquisition team is highly skilled and efficient in walking candidates through the application and hiring process.

At CSG, our people are our biggest asset, and we pride ourselves in empowering our team members. Our training and development programs are one way we encourage members to grow with the company and find their career paths.CSG's talent acquisition team will remove all the stress that comes with interviewing and starting a new job.

Join the CSG Team in 2022

Conquer your New Year's resolution and grow your career by joining CSG in 2023. Beginning the New Year with a new job with CSG is the perfect way to kickstart the year with increased earnings and amazing benefits. CSG is a provider of superior janitorial services, hospitality staffing and labor services, high-­­rise and low-rise window cleaning, and other services.

CSG is looking for dedicated individuals that take pride in their work to execute our goals as a best-in-class service provider.

How to Apply

Applying to CSG is an easy process! You can visit to view our job offerings and apply. Or you can call us at (714) 582-1821 to speak to a recruiter directly for assistance.

Please contact us or use us if you are interested in jobs near you, competitive pay, and work benefits.


CSG is a leading facility maintenance provider of outsourced commercial cleaning and managed staffing services. Looking for housekeeping jobs, hospitality jobs, cleaning jobs, or jobs in the service industry?

Contract Services Group (CSG) is currently looking to fill hundreds of job positions at luxury properties including janitors, porters, housekeepers, and more. If you or someone you know is currently seeking employment, be sure to apply at CSG connects via its Facebook Page, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and TikTok accounts. Contract Services Group, Inc. (CSG) specializes in providing superior, high quality, sustainable, and reliable commercial cleaning, window cleaning, and related services to a variety of industries throughout the Southwestern United States. CSG’s official online presence is located at


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