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Committed to Safety

Safety Excellence!

At CSG, we firmly believe occupational accidents can be totally eliminated. This commitment is steadfast and unwavering, even in the challenging environments we sometimes face. The safety, health, and well-being of our team and those we work with are of paramount importance.

Our Vision

We, at Contract Services Group, foster an uncompromising culture of safe workplace practices for our Team Members, our Business Partners, and their Customers through our commitment and implementation of best-in-class safety initiatives. 


Director of Safety, Felipe Martinez shares the number one priority at CSG, Safety! Consistent with CSG’s culture of Continuous Improvement and Safety Excellence, we have implement an industry leading safety program. The CSG safety program is unrivaled as to its effectiveness in promoting safe work environments and in preventing accidents.

Safety Matters!

An incident and injury-free workplace is possible through training, hard work and execution. When it comes to health and safety, we never compromise or take shortcuts. This is a mindset every single team member at CSG brings to the workplace.


Injury and Illness Prevention Safety Program

CSG is committed to consistent improvement and modification of its Injury and Illness Prevention Safety Program. All major elements of the Safety Program are updated as needed for refinements and improvements. At a minimum, a formal evaluation of the Safety Program is performed annually to keep pace with changes in the workplace.


CSG University

CSG provides an extensive training curriculum for all team members to broaden their knowledge of safety standards and best practices. Each session is presented in English and Spanish to ensure a clear technical understanding of the material being covered.


Weekly Safety Tailgates

In order to empower our Supervisors and Account Managers to feel confident in creating a culture of Safety Excellence we have created a weekly safety tailgate program that covers 52 different topics. The program contains all the materials and instructions needed for the Supervisors and Account Managers to instruct the team through a safety session.


Bi-Weekly Safety Committee Meetings

CSG has a Safety Committee led by our Director of Safety as well as our Health and Quality Manager, who is supported by our SSC (Safety Steering Committee). The committee focuses on what causes accidents and how to prevent them from happening again. This program allows us to educate our team members on accident avoidance and also provides feedback for the refinement of best practices.


The company ensures that all work is performed in a manner that provides maximum safety to our team members as well as the general public. Work crews are instructed to follow the safety standards and practices that meet and or exceed Cal-OSHA Requirements as well as other regulatory bodies. The training to support the CSG Safety Programs is focused on the supervisor who trains the field team members. 

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