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Hospitality Staffing Solutions

CSG has extensive experience in the hospitality industry and has invested heavily in creating a robust recruitment network to assist all property types with their staffing needs. We are not a staffing agency, but your partner in finding long-term team members.


In our augmentation program, you already have existing team members whom are managed by your team. Even though you have your own team, you always seem short a few hands or having trouble filling vacant position. With CSG’s augmentation services we will hire and provide you with long term team members whom we will bill hourly for. We will deal with all HR, payment, etc. You are in charge of managing and schedule setting.


Hospitality Services

Our team of recruits will staff an entire department of your operation. You are in charge of managed and scheduling the team. Our team will handle the staffing, on-boarding, HR, etc.

Managed Hospitality Services

We provide turn key staffing for which ever department you choose. We deal with the managing, scheduling, training, HR, etc.


Areas We Staff

The following services are typically performed for our clients


5 star Recruitment Team

Reduce Turnover

Assigned Account Manager

Why Choose Us

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