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CSG Safety Services Group

Engineered for Excellence

Since 1990, CSG Safety Services Group, a subsidiary of Contract Services Group (CSG), has provided top-of-the-line exterior building maintenance and related professional services nationwide. 

Safety is our top priority. All Safety Services Group projects are completed in compliance with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) building safety regulations. 

Excellence is Not Our Goal, it's Our Standard

Services Offered

Exterior Building Maintenance

CSG provides comprehensive Exterior Building Maintenance (EBM) operations. Services include window washing systems, support equipment, and the creation of Operating Procedure Outline Sheets (OPOS). 

SIT Certification

Window Washing Systems

Design, fabrication, and installation of window washing systems including roof anchorage systems, davit systems, monorail and track systems, and building maintenance unit systems. 

Professional Consulting Services

CSG's skilled professionals provide building consulting up to full design/build services. Our board of experts will design blueprints and guide you through the complexities of EBM and window washing systems.

CSG Safety Services is the industry leader in exterior building maintenance (EBM) operations and services. Our experienced team and in-house design and manufacturing give us the necessary resources to solve any building safety problem you might face.

CSG is proudly certified to perform annual Scaffold Inspection and Testing (SIT) services. These services ensure the tools and instruments utilized to maintain exterior surfaces of the building are properly maintained. 

OSHA Compliance

CSG's management has been accredited by Cal-OSHA to develop operating procedures and perform annual certifications for window washing systems and equipment.  All components are designed to meet applicable Cal OSHA and industry safety standards.

Fall Restraint Systems

CSG specializes in the design and installation of custom-engineered fall arrest and fall restraint systems for those who work at heights. CSG's services include fall protection consulting, planning, engineering, and testing.

Red Tag Maintenance

CSG offers red tag maintenance for EBM operations. CSG will address red tags and represent the building with Cal-OSHA to have the red tag released.

Construction Work

CSG Safety Services Group performs construction work and services required for exterior building maintenance. All construction work will be completed with the same standard of consistent care as other construction firms.

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Why Choose Us

CSG is one of the few companies in California with the expertise and accreditations to perform window system and roof inspections and certifications. All work is completed in full compliance with building codes and state and local regulations.


The CSG Safety Services Group promotes exterior building maintenance and window washing system solutions with safety, usability, and cost-effectiveness in mind. 






Industry Knowledge




Partnering with CSG means partnering for success. Allow CSG to take care of your exterior building maintenance so you can focus on what you do best as a company.

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