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Specialty Services 

CSG has invested in a full-time floor care team who have the latest equipment and top-of-the-line equipment to service any surface at any facilities. Our team can clean intricate multi-stone floors or remove hard water stains from pool decks.

Cleaning Specialty Services

The following services are typically performed for our customers

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Since 1990, CSG Safety Services Group, a subsidiary of Contract Services Group (CSG), has provided top of the line work for the design, fabrication and installation of the window cleaning systems. Our experienced team and in-house design and manufacturing, gives us the necessary resources to solve any access problem you might face.

CSG is one of the few companies in California who have the expertise and accreditations to perform window system and roof hard point inspections and certifications. Roof inspections in the state of California must be completed annually before any service is completed. CSG’s expertise in window washing systems also allows for us to provide consulting services in the design phase of buildings to ensure that it is possible to service all the windows and ledges on a high-rise facility. 


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