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Independent and Assisted Living Centers

Independent and Assisted Living Cleaning Services

CSG understands the demanding requirements placed on independent living, assisted living, and senior care community managers and owners.  Families trust you with the important task to take care of their loved ones.  Let us assist you in the process so your staff can focus on what matters most.

Areas We Service 

Residents of Independent and Assisted Living facilities have lower-immune systems and often have preexisting conditions. This creates a vital need for a clean and safe environment. CSG’s janitorial cleaning services are tailored to your property to mitigate such a risk.

Common Area Cleaning

CSG provides common area cleaning at independent and assisted living facilities. Thorough cleaning positively impacts tenants, visitors, and service providers by extending the life of property assets, improving appearances, and promoting health and wellness.


Window Washing 

CSG offers best-in-class window washing services to improve the exterior appearance of facilities. CSG’s window washing division follows all Cal-OSHA laws and is always exceeding safety standards.


Carpet Cleaning

CSG provides best-in-class carpet cleaning services. Our services include carpet extraction, carpet shampooing, and carpet bonneting. Let our team of experts handle your property’s carpet.


Floor Care

CSG has invested in premier floor care equipment to provide best-in-class floor care services. Properly cared-for floors improve the safety of your facility by eliminating fall risks.


Green Cleaning

CSG’s services comply with industry-recognized best practices of the Green Cleaning Initiative. CSG has  50 years of industry experience - we are ready and capable to provide additional enhanced services to disinfect your entire facility.


Pressure Washing

CSG’s pressure washing services immediately improve the appearance of the assisted living community. CSG specializes in pressure washing projects to ensure the exterior of your building is always up to your standards.


Unit Turnover

CSG offers professional cleaning services to prepare assisted living facilities for future residents. CSG will ensure units are properly cleaned and prepared for the next resident.

csg-residential-housekeeper-fixes-towels-in-luxury apartment-multi-family-housing

Construction and Move-in Cleaning

CSG’s janitorial services extend to construction and final move-in cleaning. CSG will clean up the dust of any construction project to ensure the facility is equipped for the next residents.


Why Choose Us

CSG is a trusted legal provider of janitorial services. We provide all aspects of assisted living residential services.

CSG will provide you with a cleaning team that reflects the image of your organization and with consistent, high-quality, and competitively priced services.  Our 97% annual account retention is proof that our programs work.


Safe Cleaning Materials

Strong Culture

Reliable Workforce

Trusted List of Clients

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