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Government Buildings

Janitorial Services for Government Buildings

Government buildings are the center of civic life and their appearance is reflective of that. CSG understands the heightened sense of scrutiny to keep government facilities clean and safe.  We are experts in the interior and exterior maintenance of government buildings. Our years of experience allow your building to represent you well, you represent the people

Areas We Service 

Civilians heavily traffic government buildings therefore it is critical they are regularly cleaned and sanitized. CSG’s government buildings maintenance consists of cleaning offices and employee-used areas. A sanitized workplace increases productivity by reducing employee absence due to illness.

Common Area Cleaning

CSG provides janitorial cleaning services to help properly maintain the common areas of government buildings. Properly maintained facilities provide the right environment for successful civil encounters and long-standing productivity.


Window Washing

CSG provides window cleaning services and exterior building maintenance to government facilities.  Our crew is professionally trained and certified to guarantee the safety of our team members, our clients, and our client’s customers.


Floor and Carpet Care

CSG’s floor care team is professionally trained to perform stone care, carpet extraction, carpet shampooing, floor stripping, and more! Contact CSG to learn how you can elevate the floors of your facilities.


Restroom Cleaning

CSG offers commercial restroom cleaning services for government facilities.  A thorough and professional daily restroom cleaning supports wellness and will eliminate viruses and germs that are easily spread from critical touch points.


Green Cleaning

CSG works closely with facility and property managers to help achieve LEED-EB certification. CSG’s Green Cleaning Initiative promotes the health and safety of facilities while minimizing environmental impacts.

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Why Choose Us

Each facility and workplace command a customized solution that is tailored to the specific nuances of their property, operating hours, and budget.

CSG’s flexible cleaning programs seamlessly support our partner’s ever-changing needs. Partner with CSG today to improve the interior and exterior appearance of your government building.

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Green Cleaning 

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