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CSG Team Member Resources

TK | Payroll Information

Time Keeping:

View Your Hours in Real Time

With a few simple clicks, using the ePay mobile app CSG team members can view schedules, view their time card, receive messages, enter absent notices, and check paid sick leave balances right from the app.


CSG encourages all team members to use direct deposit. To sign up, please log into the CSGTEAM app and simply fill out the DIRECT DEPOSIT FORM that will be routed to HR. 


Pay bills on time, with no late fees, no overdraft fees and no need for payday loans. DailyPay is there so you can access your pay, and save, on your terms.

Make Anyday a Payday

For more information, check out FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS.


Not sure when payday is? You can request a copy of the company calendar via your manager or log into the CSGTEAM app and review the COMPANY CALENDAR 24/7. 

Key Contacts


Araceli Magana/Lizzette Bravo

Office: 714.852.1800 ext. 322/402

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