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2024 Compliance Check: Safeguarding Success with the Right Janitorial Service Provider

Updated: Feb 1

When searching for a janitorial or hospitality provider, there are multiple decision factors businesses consider. Service costs are always at the forefront of the decision-making process. Companies concerned with the cheapest janitorial provider are likely to overlook the long-term costs of an uninsured provider.
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Service providers will cut their costs by foregoing proper business insurance. This allows them to offer a more competitive price to prospective companies. Although illegal, this is a common practice in the commercial cleaning industry. However, skipping proper business insurance has grave consequences.

This blog will explore the dangerous, yet common, practice of partnering with an uninsured, illegal janitorial provider. Additionally, we will explore how businesses can select a properly insured service provider to safeguard their business in 2024.

1. The Financial Strain of Partnering with an Uninsured Janitorial Provider

Janitorial providers must have workers' compensation insurance to offer medical benefits to team members injured in work-related incidents. If your provider does not have proper insurance coverage, then your business could be responsible for covering the costs.

This presents a significant financial strain on your business's bottom line. Handling the stress of such costs will cause other operations of your business to suffer. This costly mistake does not even consider the potential legal consequences your business could suffer.

2. The Legal Liabilities of Partnering with the Wrong Provider

When selecting a janitorial provider, checking for proper insurance should be the first item on your checklist. Any provider that cannot affirmatively answer this question is a provider you do not want to partner with. Doing so will have legal repercussions.

Lawyers addressing legal paper
California law requires all businesses to have workers' compensation liability insurance. Section 3700.5 of the California Labor Code makes failing to have workers' compensation coverage a criminal offense. Safeguard your business by partnering with a fully insured service provider.

A fully insured provider will shield your business from facing legal scrutiny. Additionally, it will allow you to remain focused on the key operations of your establishment.

3. Protecting Employee Welfare

Service providers operating illegally without workers' comp are deliberately neglecting the well-being of their employees. These same providers may be cutting corners in other areas such as employee wages and benefits. This increases the potential for employee rights and workplace safety issues.

Partnering with an illegal company makes the work environment less than ideal. This results in low employee satisfaction and high turnover. This directly puts your own business at risk of having unreliable services due to dissatisfied staff. If a service provider cannot care for its employees, how can you expect it to care for your property?

4. Preserving the Reputation of Your Business

When selecting your provider it's essential to conduct thorough due diligence before entering into any partnership. Getting involved with uninsured service providers comes with serious ethical and financial burdens. Knowingly partnering with an uninsured provider conveys a lack of integrity, thus damaging your reputation.

Selecting a fully insured janitorial service provider is the smart choice. You not only protect your business but also contribute to a better workplace environment.

5. Partnering with the Right Service Provider

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Contract Services Group (CSG) proudly operates within all legal parameters of our industry. CSG understands the importance of workers' compensation. For 50 years we have committed to adequately protecting our team members and clients.

CSG's insurance protects our clients from any legal or financial issues regarding workplace injuries. By partnering with us, your business will demonstrate legal responsibility and security. Additionally, our clients bear none of the financial burden in the unfortunate event of a workplace accident or injury.

In addition to workers' comp insurance, CSG ensures every team member receives competitive wages and enjoys comprehensive benefits. Health insurance, overtime pay, and paid vacation are just a few of the benefits our team members receive.

Working with an illegal service provider makes the work environment less than ideal, resulting in low employee satisfaction and high turnover.

Our passion for employee welfare does not just extend to our team members but to all individuals in the workforce. CSG seeks to promote total compliance throughout our industry. CSG seeks to promote employee welfare by raising awareness regarding issues such as workers' compensation, human trafficking, workplace discrimination, workplace safety, and more.

6. Make the Right Choice and Partner with CSG in 2024

CSG pledges to abide by all legal manners for the welfare of our team members and clients. CSG has worked hard to become a trusted employer and a trusted provider of commercial cleaning services. This is evident in our low team member turnover rates and a 97% client retention rate.

Make a smart choice for your business this year and select CSG as your janitorial and long-term staffing provider. Visit to speak with our sales team and request an RFP.  

About Contract Services Group, Inc.- We, at Contract Services Group, build lasting relationships and continuously improve the services we provide with an emphasis on the health and safety of our business partners, their customers, our team members, and the environment. CSG’s official online presence is located at

Stay connected with CSG throughout NSM via our Facebook Page, LinkedIn, and Instagram accounts. Join the CSG team to grow your career and feel appreciated for the work you do! 

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