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CSG Window Washers and Safety Services Group: Elevating Industry Standards

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Established by CEO John Pearce, in1973, CSG emphasizes integrity and trust. Over the years, we've diversified our services to include high-rise window cleaning and established Safety Services Group (SSG) for safety and inspection. This expansion ensures comprehensive building maintenance and safety solutions, reflecting our commitment to excellence and client satisfaction.


6 Reasons to Partner with CSG



1.   Comprehensive Services:  CSG is more than just a cleaning company; we offer a suite of services encompassing cleaning, window washing, and Scaffold Inspections and Testing (SIT). This comprehensive approach ensures that all aspects of building maintenance are covered under one roof.


2.   Expertise in Window Washing:

Our expertise in window washing is unparalleled. We go beyond conventional methods by hand-training our team members through a rigorous apprenticeship program. This ensures that every member of our team excels in delivering streak-free results, setting new standards of excellence in the industry.


3.   Scaffold Inspections and Testing (SIT) and Certifications: Simultaneously, SSG focuses on comprehensive safety inspections. Recognizing the importance of safety, we took matters into our own hands, investing in certifications and training programs. By offering these services, we guarantee seamless coordination, quicker service delivery, and significant cost savings for our clients.


4.   Integrated Services for Efficiency: What sets us apart is our ability to offer window washing, safety inspections, and certifications through a single source. This integrated approach streamlines processes eliminates communication barriers, and ensures a holistic approach to building maintenance. Clients benefit from faster turnaround times, reduced overheads, and superior quality assurance.


5.  Commitment to Quality:  Quality is at the core of everything we do. Whether it's ensuring streak-free windows or conducting thorough safety and rooftop inspections, we uphold the highest standards of excellence to deliver exceptional outcomes every time.


6.   Innovative Solutions:  CSG is constantly innovating to stay ahead of industry trends and technological advancements. Our commitment to innovation translates into smarter solutions, improved safety protocols, and a competitive edge for our clients.


Engineered for Excellence

Window Washing and SSG are pivotal divisions of CSG. Our integrated approach to these services not only enhances efficiency but also ensures unparalleled quality and cost-effectiveness.

Eric Pearce, Managing Member of SSG, continues the legacy of excellence, driving innovation and growth. His passion for safety and commitment to quality resonate throughout our operations, further reinforcing our position as industry leaders. Under his leadership, SSG continues to evolve, offering cutting-edge solutions and unmatched expertise to our clients.

Two men dressed in CSG uniforms standing in an orange lift

CSG Window Washing and Safety Services Group complement each other seamlessly, offering a complete suite of services under one roof. Our hand-trained teams, rigorous safety protocols, and integrated approach not only redefine industry standards but also deliver unmatched value to our clients. Partner with us to experience the difference of excellence and efficiency combined.


About Contract Services Group, Inc.- We, at Contract Services Group, build lasting relationships and continuously improve the services we provide with an emphasis on the health and safety of our business partners, their customers, our team members, and the environment. CSG’s official online presence is located at

About CSG Window Washing Services: Our Window Washing Services are un-rivaled, please visit the following link to connect with us:

About SSG: Safety Services Group works to certify SIT systems, please learn more at the following link:

Stay connected with CSG via our Facebook Page, LinkedIn, and Instagram accounts. Join the CSG team to grow your career and feel appreciated for the work you do! 

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