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Contract Services Group, Inc. has Relaunched our Website

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

Contract Services Group, Inc. (CSG) is thrilled to announce the relaunch of our official company website, Over the past 7 months, CSG has been working to redesign our website to be a user-friendly experience.

a laptop and an iPhone showing the homepage of CSG's website

Our new website reflects the superior and growing business of CSG. Our site offers an in-depth look into CSG’s commercial cleaning, hospitality, and window-washing services. Additionally, potential clients are able to view the industries we serve. Finally, the core values and mission of CSG are outlined through videos and testimonials.

New Features of the Website

Better experience for the Users

  • The website design has been restructured to simplify the experience of site visitors. Visitors will be able to have an in-depth look into each industry CSG services and the specialty services we provide.

  • Visitors can easily request a proposal or apply for a CSG job opening. Our streamlined process guarantees a response within 48 hours or less.

  • The website divides up the locations we service throughout California and the US. Potential clients and team members can see what CSG offices and managers are available in the area.

Team member Stories The CSG Difference

A CSG leader and a CSG  team member sitting on a couch laughing.

  • In their hiring orientation, all CSG Team Members are taught the CSG Difference. The CSG Difference is our promise to always go the extra mile for our clients. CSG is committed to delivering superior service to all clients, so they can focus on their customers.

  • Site visitors are able to hear from seven of our valued team members. These team members are from different industries we service. You can watch them in action at the job site. Additionally, hear how they have gone above and beyond to make a difference at CSG

A word from CSG President

  • A message from CSG President, Casey Pearce, regarding the mission and values of CSG. Casey details how his father and CSG CEO, John Pearce, created CSG 50 years ago.

  • Casey details the core values that allow for CSG's continuous success in the commercial cleaning industry.

  • Watch the video to learn what sets CSG apart from the other janitorial providers out there.

Learn about our Safety Program

  • Safety is at the forefront of all operations. Our relaunch features an entire page outlining

  • CSG values all team members as humans first. We believe all workplace accidents can be prevented and work hard to do so. CSG’s robust safety program is what sets us apart from our competitors.

  • Watch an exclusive interview with Felipe Martinez, Director of Safety, who explains how safety is at the forefront of CSG’s operations.

Preview of the CSG Hiring Process

  • Vice President of Human Resources, Jen Ramos shares how we employ an active and reliable workforce.

  • CSG’s Talent Acquisition is professionally trained to hire only the best team members. Every team member undergoes a new hire orientation where they are taught the tools necessary for success.

Look into Areas of Expansion- CSG Going Forward

A map of the Unites States with pins on the locations and states CSG services
  • Explore CSG’s current industry operations within California. Use our locations page to locate the nearest CSG office or manager.

  • CSG is taking its superior hospitality, commercial cleaning, and window washing services across the United States.CSG’s new website provides a place for businesses outside of California to connect with CSG.

The features above showcase why CSG is a trusted janitorial provider by the most prestigious clients in the United States. These new additions improve the experience of site visitors while providing a better understanding of CSG as an entire company.

Content Upgrade

Throughout the redesign process, CSG's marketing team worked with a photographer to professionally capture the CSG Difference. The new site features all new images and videos of CSG Team Members. These new images and videos reflect the high-quality nature of CSG as a company. Simultaneously they showcase the amazing work of our CGS team members.

Potential clients get a preview of the 10/10 team members and services they will experience when contracting with CSG. Client reviews speak to the amazing service of CSG team members!

Visit our Site Today

CSG invites you to visit our website and experience the improved user experience. Click through our pages and view the services we offer throughout a variety of industries.

Visit today and learn why partnering with CSG is a 10/10 decision.


Partner with CSG CSG is a leading facility maintenance provider of outsourced commercial cleaning and janitorial staffing solutions throughout a variety of industries. Submit an RFP today to begin your partnership with CSG

Looking for housekeeping jobs, hospitality jobs, cleaning jobs, or jobs in the service industry? Contract Services Group (CSG) is currently looking to fill hundreds of job positions at luxury properties including janitors, porters, housekeepers, and more. If you or someone you know is currently seeking employment, be sure to apply at CSG connects via its Facebook Page, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and TikTok accounts. Contract Services Group, Inc. (CSG) specializes in providing superior, high quality, sustainable, and reliable commercial cleaning, window cleaning, and related services to a variety of industries throughout the Southwestern United States. CSG’s official online presence is located at


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