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How We Show Our CSG Team Members We CARE

Contract Services Group, Inc. (CSG) is committed to demonstrating its gratitude towards its team members. We recognize that our team members are our most important asset which is why we have constructed and implemented a robust Team Member Recognition Program (TMRP). This program ensures our team members are consistently reminded of our gratitude for their hard work. Without our team members, CSG would not be the company it is today which is why we are dedicated to demonstrating our immense appreciation for our team members.

Importance of Team Member Recognition

Team Member recognition and appreciation are crucial aspects of any company. Your team members need and deserve to feel like their contribution is valued by all levels of the company. If team members feel undervalued, they will be less encouraged to work hard which can be detrimental to a business. This has become exponentially true over the last year. Team members may have been isolated and out of work for long periods of time. Therefore, it is crucial that they feel appreciated once they make their return to work.

Team member recognition is not only essential to attract new hires, but it is also critical in maintaining employees. When researching what causes team members to leave a job, the consistent consensus was that team members leave a job due to lack of appreciation. If a team member feels that their work and opinion is not valued, then they are likely to look for another job that will fulfill their needs. A business article by Andrew Greenwood, director of Sales and Services at Workstars, exhibited that 66% of employees would quit their job if they felt undervalued. On the converse, a study regarding employee recognition demonstrated that recognition-rich companies possess a 31% lower voluntary turnover rate. This undeniable support for team member recognition is one of the many reasons CSG is committed to showing its team members they are valued.

CSG's Team Member Recognition Efforts

CSG’s Team Member Recognition Program takes on many different forms. Our Team Member Recognition Program is a difference-maker and gives us our competitive edge over our competitors. Below is a descriptive list of several of our recognition initiatives.

- New Hire Orientation: Our emphasis on team member's success and value begins immediately upon hiring. At CSG’s New Hire Orientation, new team members are notified of CSG’s core values which include team member recognition. This orientation ensures that team members are equipped with the skills and information necessary to succeed. CSG believes that setting team members up for immediate success is the ultimate way to make employees feel valued.

Erick Cigarroa (middle): A Winning CSG Team Member

- 90- day check-ins: All new CSG team members receive a 90- day check in with their manager. These check-ins allow managers to evaluate the work of the team members and answer any questions team members may have. Frequent communication with team members is an effective way to show team members they matter.

- Brag Board: CSG often receives emails, texts, and letters recognizing the excellent work of our on-site team members. CSG rewards our team members that receive a positive message with a gift card or an entry into a raffle for prizes. We love to receive positive feedback from our clients and believe that our team members should be compensated for their great work.

- Employee of the Month Program: CSG highlights a team member each month that is nominated by leadership and selected by the executive committee. This encourages team members to work hard and build morale throughout the team. CSG believes it is important to implement team member recognition all year to maintain the team member-focused culture of our company.

CSG’s Team Member Recognition Program is not limited to the above efforts. CSG prides itself on having an extensive recognition program that ensures each and every one of our team members feels valued for their work. The success of our company relies on our team members which is why we put a large focus on valuing and empowering all team members of Contract Services Group, Inc.


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