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Kyle Pearce, CSG Warehouse Manager, Earns RBSM Designation

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

In June of 2021, CSG Warehouse Manager, Kyle Pearce, took personal action on CSG's commitment to continuous improvement. Kyle undertook the challenge of becoming a Registered Building Service Manager (RBSM) with BSCAI. This is a highly prestigious and rigorous certification to achieve in the building maintenance industry.


Kyle is the only person at CSG with a professional designation from BSCAI. Kyle was required to take and pass a multi-part exam that reflects his comprehension of the program's subject matter. This recognition provides a significant competitive edge throughout the industry. With this destination, Kyle has acquired a plethora of industry knowledge and improvement techniques.

Passing this four-part exam required months of studying and commitment to mastering the robust curriculum. While studying, Kyle balanced his wide range of responsibilities at CSG. CSG is very proud of Kyle for achieving esteemed certification. We look forward to how this industry-specific knowledge will improve the janitorial services CSG provides.

About the RBSM

The BSCAI describes the RBSM Designation as "the most prestigious symbol of excellence for building service contracting management." Earning this designation signifies a deep discipline to furthering your building career goals. The BSCAI has thoughtfully configured the course to contain knowledge that provides a competitive advantage within the commercial cleaning industry.


Acquiring an RBSM Designation consists of several steps facilitated by the BSCAI. Individuals must first qualify for this certification based on the parameters set up by the BSCAI Board. Once individuals register for the RBSM they are given materials and practice exams to study at their own pace. Once ready, individuals must take and pass the exam.

The RBSM exam consists of a four-part exam. Each section of the exam consists of "essential information on everything from technical industry aspects to your own professional development." Passing the exam reflects a proficient knowledge of industry topics. These topics include surface cleaning, chemical safety, quality control, management, and more.

This credential also provides a significant competitive advantage to the company. Those with the RBSM Designation will bring a wealth of valuable knowledge to their company and colleagues. Taking on this challenge is truly a commitment to bettering yourself and your company.

Only a small group of building professionals have earned an RBSM, making it an esteemed asset. Becoming an RBSM also requires one to commit themself to continuous education. Every RBSM is required to take and pass a review exam every two years. This idea of continuing education aligns with CSG's commitment to continuous improvement.

Moving Forward

CSG is extremely optimistic about how Kyle's RBSM credential will allow CSG to stand out from other commercial cleaning companies. The commercial cleaning and building maintenance industry is extremely large. Selecting the right partner can often be a difficult decision for building owners.

Building owners want to partner with a reliable business with trustworthy leaders and team members. Kyle's commitment to becoming an RBSM helped him gain a competitive advantage. Additionally, his achievement provides CSG with a unique edge in the industry.

CSG as a whole is committed to implementing continuous improvement efforts. This aligns with our desire to constantly improve the services we provide to our partners and team members. We are constantly looking for products and practices that will improve the quality and efficiency of our work.

This value begins with our leaders. CSG encourages all leaders to take on challenges that will improve them personally and professionally. CSG is extremely proud of Kyle for taking initiative with his RBSM credential. We hope this accomplishment motivates other leaders to advance their careers by capitalizing on opportunities for improvement.


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