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Numerous Hotels & Management Companies Are Violating This Law

Due to the Property Service Workers Protection Act, all janitorial providers were required to register with the state of California by October 1st, 2018. Janitorial companies who haven’t registered will receive a fine of $100 per day up to $10,000.

Please note:

For some reason, the fines are harsher for the companies that hire them. The companies using unregistered providers are now liable for civil fines of $2,000 to $10,000 for the first violation. Then, they are liable for civil fines of $10,000 to $25,000 for subsequent violations.

You can read this as points 10 & 11 here: (or image below)

If you’d like to verify your provider’s registration, you can do so here:

I've done this search myself several times and have found that numerous hotels and management companies that are now at risk. In fact, any employee, competitor, or interested party can easily determine who is in violation (and possibly report?).


The registration is fairly instantaneous, with a $500-dollar registration fee (plus late fees). Noncompliance is substantially more expensive; especially for the company using the unregistered provider.

Our license is available upon request or you can find us in the registry here:

Note: If the effective date is after October 1st, they registered late.

Key Takeaway: The deadline to register without incurring penalties was October 1st.

If you are in California and you are using an unregistered commercial cleaner, you are now in violation. I understand that hiring companies might not be aware of this law. However, I would expect all commercial cleaners to be aware of the legal requirements of operating in their industry.

Here at Contract Services Group, our organization has teams dedicated to understanding any liabilities in terms of safety, wage requirements, and compliance.

If you ever have any questions, please feel free to reach out. No commitment is required.


Justin Flores

Contract Services Group

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