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Our Team Members are your Success, Here’s Everything We’re Doing to Find the Best

As hotels and travel have begun to resume, demand for hospitality services and workers is appreciably rising. This heightened demand is being challenged by a lack of supply. Contract Services Group Inc., (CSG) is currently facing an unprecedented labor shortage. CSG President Casey Pearce has outlined the unique situation CSG is dealing with below.

Even though the labor market is currently tighter than ever luxury hotels & resorts are continually beating occupancy expectations. In some cases, these luxury properties are having to limit room inventory as they do not have enough team members to service all of the rooms. This obviously is creating a huge dilemma for hotel owners and operators as maximizing revenue is key as the hospitality industry revives itself from the pandemic.

In order to better support our partners, we have streamlined our recruiting process as well as created many unique recruiting initiatives to help attract and retain the best team members.

Below are the initiatives that CSG has implemented:

  • CSG is offering a $500 sign-on bonus for new hires. Many of our clients have agreed to match this bonus to total $1,000. The bonus is issued over a period to time to ensure employee retention.

  • CSG is offering a $300 referral bonus to all current employees. Our hopes are that our current employees will encourage their peers to come work for CSG because of the strong team culture of the company.

  • CSG’s full-time team members receive health benefits, retirement, financial perks such as 401(k) employee savings plan, and paid holidays.

  • CSG has hired 5-full time recruiters to execute a thorough search for talent everywhere from EDD offices to individual communities.

  • CSG has also enhanced its Team Member Recognition Program to ensure that our appreciation for our team members is exhibited more than usual. We have also hired 4 Account Managers to ensure the success of this program.

  • CSG is putting on Job Fairs outside of our office locations to attract new employees and bring awareness to the many job opportunities we currently have.

  • CSG have begun giving out gift cards to potential new hires if they show up to the interview. The turnout rate to interviews has declined which is why CSG has implemented such a reward.

  • In addition, CSG includes transportation options such as discounted bus pass rates and carpooling. CSG is dedicated to doing all that we can to ensure that our team members have all tools necessary to excel out their place of work.

CSG knows that its team members drive the success of the company which is why we have introduced such generous recruitment tactics. CSG is not only dedicated to the hiring of team members, but also the training of team members. CSG prides itself on the exceptional services of its team members. Each new team members will receive training and opportunities for career growth. Our extensive onboarding program will ensure all team members are knowledgeable of the work expected of them. Moreover, we offer a library of training videos that are available at any time.

At CSG, our people are our biggest asset and we take pride in empowering our team members. Our training and development programs are one way we encourage members to grow with the company and find their career path. We strongly believe in opening opportunities for those who start as our onsite team members.


CSG is a leading facility maintenance provider of outsourced commercial cleaning and managed staffing services.

Looking for housekeeping jobs, hospitality jobs, cleaning jobs or jobs in the service industry?

Contract Services Group (CSG) is currently looking to fill hundreds of job positions at luxury properties including janitors, porters, housekeepers, and more. CSG is offering all the above benefits and a $500 to $1000 signing bonus depending on the location you apply. If you or someone you know is currently seeking employment, be sure to apply at

CSG connects via its Facebook Page, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram accounts.

About Contract Services Group, Inc.

Contract Services Group, Inc. (CSG) specializes in providing superior, high quality, sustainable, and reliable commercial cleaning, window cleaning, and related services to a variety of industries throughout the Southwestern United States.

CSG’s official online presence is located at

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