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5 Ways to Promote Safety Through Hazard Recognition

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

In 2021, there were 224,935 preventable deaths in the United States. These fatalities could have been prevented with proper hazard recognition techniques and corrections. Hazard recognition is a critical element in all workplace environments.

graphic reading week 4 hazard recognition

Hazard recognition is a habit that must be engrained in all leaders and team members. Hazard recognition ensures the safety and well-being of employees, minimizes the risk of accidents and injuries, and creates a productive work environment.

5 Ways to Promote Safety Through Hazard Recognition

  1. Keep your head on a swivel when walking

  2. Avoid being on the phone when walking through facilities

  3. Look ahead when walking to spot any spills or tripping hazards

  4. Check that all areas of the job site are properly lit so that hazards can be spotted.

  5. Make any identified hazards a learning opportunity for your team to avoid hazards from reoccurring it

In the final week of National Safety Month, the National Safety Council (NSC) focused on how hazard recognition promotes safety year-round. The NSC provides materials about how to promote hazard recognition at your job site. Visit their site today to learn how you can stay alert and stay safe.

NSC Promotes Hazard Recognition

The NSC demonstrates that hazards are often expected in warehouses with chemicals and fast-moving machinery. However, at job sites such as an office or hotel, hazards are least expected causing them to be overlooked. This poses a significant danger threat to both the workers and visitors.

We must train our brains to always be on the lookout for hazards to prevent injuries no matter where we work. For those who work in an office scenario, the NSC provides a 25-step guide on how to create a safer office space. Removing clutter from the walkways or setting up a wet floor sign are tasks that only take a second but can prevent a lifetime of injury.

To stress the importance of hazard recognition, the NSC provides a powerful testimony from a survivor advocate, Sandra. Sandra explains how her injury and road to recovery have changed her life. Sandra and her fellow members of the NSC Survivor Advocate Network work to share their stories in hopes of strengthening the NSC's safety initiatives such as hazard recognition.

CSG Stays Alert to Hazards

CSG has serviced a wide variety of industries for 50 years. Industries include hotels, apartment complexes, government buildings, senior living facilities, and more. CSG is familiar with the varying demands and hazards of each industry.

binder with papers reviewing hazard communication

Every CSG team member is trained on the hazards of their workplace and how to correct such hazards to ensure a safe workplace. CSG is committed to a strong hazard communication system throughout our entire organization.

All team members are coached on hazards involving machinery, tools, and chemicals. As a commercial cleaning company, many of the cleaning products we use contain active chemicals. Each job site has Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) on site that detail the chemical hazards and how to safely handle such materials.

Learning from Known Hazards

All CSG Team members are required to address known hazards and notify their supervisor of such hazards. The identification of a hazard is known as a near-miss at CSG. CSG views near-misses as a learning opportunity.

After a hazard has been identified, CSG advises that the supervisor or team member makes this hazard known to all team members on site. Once everyone has seen the hazard, the hazard should be properly corrected.

This allows the hazard correction to be a learning experience for the entire team. The more people are made aware of how to identify and correct a hazard, the more injuries we prevent. Teaching your team about work hazard recognition promotes a safe and productive workplace.

Key Takeaways

csg leader conducting  a training

Developing a habit of hazard recognition in your organization is essential for leaders and team members alike. It ensures the well-being and safety of employees, reduces the likelihood of accidents and injuries, and fosters a productive work environment.

Hazard recognition is a key component of CSG's day-to-day operations. CSG consistently prioritizes the safety of our team members, our business partners, and their customers. through our commitment to and implementation of hazard recognition and correction.

Are you keeping your team and partners safe? Check in with your team's familiarity with hazard recognition. It is never too late to make your workplace a safe one!


During National Safety Month, the National Safety Council (NSC) has focused on the leading causes of workplace injuries. This includes emergency preparedness; slips, trips, and falls; heat-related illness; and hazard recognition to help keep individuals safe on and off the job.

We, at Contract Services Group, foster an uncompromising culture of safe workplace practices for our Team Members, our Business Partners, and their Customers through our commitment and implementation of best-in-class safety initiatives.

Visit our website today to learn more about our Commitment to Safety.

See how CSG has celebrated National Safety Month via our Facebook Page, LinkedIn, and Instagram accounts.

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