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Window Washing Safety

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

12- August 2020

Brea, CA—Window cleaning is a very difficult job to endure. It requires crews of people to tie ropes to anchors that are bolted to rooftops of sometimes, extremely tall buildings. Sitting on metal planks held up by straps, these ropes are used to descend the washer, scaling down the building while other crew members use clips and lanyards for tension that will help keep the cleaner from dropping. This may sound terrifying to some, but others, it’s just part of the job.

Federal and Cal-OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration) found high proportion of fatalities caused by falls occurred because of a lack of fall protection. Contract Services Group(CSG) has made employee safety a number one priority. They would never permit any worker to waive wearing protective gear for any reason. They watch their employees closely making sure everyone is properly equipped and responsible. Each hand knows the proper placement of ladders, harnesses, and most important, team members.

CSG promotes OSHA fall protection regulations to help construction management, architects, building owners, and facility managers prevent accidents and avoid costly and reputation damaging Cal-OSHA citations. There will be fewer accidents and more people that feel safe about coming to work and doing a good job. With CSG you can count on the job getting done right without a scare.

Window washing equipment testing OSHA and the structural engineering community recommend that all building anchor points be load tested every ten years. CSG is licensed to provide load testing to all building anchor points.

Visit CSG Safety Services Group - CSG Safety Services Group, LLC designs and installs window washing systems nationwide. CSG provides inspections, testing and certifications for all window cleaning equipment. CSG provides consulting up to full design/build services. The CSG Safety Services Group promotes window washing system solutions with safety, usability, and cost effectiveness in mind.


CSG connects via its Facebook Page, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram accounts.

About Contract Services Group, Inc.

Contract Services Group, Inc. provides commercial janitorial, window cleaning, and window washing systems. CSG’s online presence is located at

CSG provides janitorial and window cleaning services throughout California, Nevada, and Arizona.

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