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CSG Team Member Resources

W-2 Information

W-2s are mailed no later than January 31 as required by law.
W-2s are mailed to the address on file as of December 31.

Access your W-2 online


Team members can access their W-2s online by clicking HERE. A unique User ID and Password is needed to access your online W-2. You may also access your W-2 by downloading the eHub app on your mobile device. You must be enrolled to successfully log in and retrieve a paystub online. 

Update your Mailing Address

To update your mailing address, complete the ADDRESS CHANGE FORM via the CSGTEAM app. 

Request a Copy of Your W-2

If you cannot access your W-2 online through eHUB, requests for a copy of W-2 can be made through HR or Finance. Copies will be sent to your email. If you need a printed copy, we will send your W-2 to your manager who can print a copy to be picked up at the nearest office location. 

Key Contact

W-2 Information

Araceli Magana/Lizzette Bravo

Office: 714.852.1800 ext. 322/402

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