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Looking to Make a Job Change? 5 Factors to Consider

Making a career change is a challenging decision due to fear of the unknown, financial concerns, and personal considerations. The complicated dynamics of today's career market only heighten these concerns. As we enter 2024, many individuals are considering a career move.

Embarking on a new job opportunity should be an exciting and rewarding experience. In today's blog post, we will highlight five factors to keep in mind when contemplating a career change.

5 Factors When Making the Right Career Switch

When changing jobs there are several factors you should consider. This includes career goals, skill alignment, company reputation, company culture, and internal growth opportunities.

Assessing these five factors will ensure the job position aligns with long-term career fulfillment.

1. Career Goals

Before starting a new job, it is critical to review your personal career goals. Career goals may be to develop new skills, take leadership positions, or have financial success.

Whatever your career goals are, it is critical to identify them before looking for a job. Your new job should allow you to work towards and achieve your career goals.

2. Skill Alignment

When looking for a new job and going through interviews, it's crucial to check if your skills match the job requirements. A new job should both utilize and grow your skills. Doing so ensures a smooth transition. Additionally, working at a job where you can put your skillset to use leads to higher job satisfaction.

Two men posing for a photo. One wearing a grey suit jacket and the other in black uniform holding an award.

3. Company Reputation

When looking for a job, you want to identify a company you will be proud to work for. Researching the company's history and values is a quick way to identify its reputation. A company with a strong reputation is more likely to foster a positive work environment.

4. Team Culture

 In addition to evaluating a company's reputation, individuals should also consider the team culture of a company. A positive work environment correlates to a positive job experience. Companies that work to create a strong team culture are more likely to have higher retention rates.

When looking for a job you can often identify a company's team culture through their mission and core values. Speaking with current and former team members will also offer real insight into the team culture.

5. Growth Opportunities

A job change should offer the opportunity for career advancement. A company that encourages internal promotion values team members and career development. Opportunities to advance throughout an organization will allow you to feel fulfilled in your new job.

Join the CSG Team in 2024

If you are seeking not only a job change, but a transformative career job CSG is the company for you. CSG employs skilled and dedicated individuals who provide outstanding services. Become a valued team member at a leading commercial cleaning company. At CSG, you'll receive training and have opportunities to advance your career.

Our Culture and Reputation

At CSG we are committed to establishing a positive team culture. For over 50 years CSG has worked attentively to provide our partners with the right people to care for the business. We understand the importance of job satisfaction amongst our team members.

CSG's culture begins with our experienced leadership team. Our leaders, having worked on job sites and understanding the demands of the job, are ready to step in if assistance is needed. This provides us with a clear vision of how to establish a supportive work environment. We work together to accomplish the common goal of service excellence.

The loyalty of our dedicated personnel is how CSG has maintained and improved our services over the years. CSG recognizes the importance of our team members. This is why we have created a team member recognition program.

All team members are eligible to be recognized by their managers. Recognition includes monthly raffles, safety awards, and team member of the month nominations.

Advance Your Career Goals and Skills

At CSG, our people are our biggest asset and we take pride in empowering our team members. One of our four core values is continuous improvement. CSG's perpetual training program allows our team members to work towards excellence. Our training programs are focused on the skill development of our team members.

 Our training and development programs are how we encourage team members to grow within the company. Many team members who start at job sites achieve promotions to leadership positions. We believe in investing in our team members in the long run.

At CSG, our success begins with our team members. We strive to recruit a team of hardworking individuals who are committed to making a difference together with CSG.

Make the Right Job Move and Join the CSG Team

CSG is expanding our team and currently has job opportunities in both California and Arizona! Openings include hotel and janitorial jobs. If you are highly motivated and ready to join a dynamic and growing company, we invite you to apply.

To discover our current opportunities, please visit our TRABAJOS/Jobs page.


Since 1973, Contract Services Group (CSG) has specialized in providing superior, high-quality, sustainable, and reliable commercial cleaning services, window cleaning, and related services to a variety of industries throughout the Southwestern United States.

 CSG’s official online presence is located at

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