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Safe and Sound Week 2022

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

15-August 2022

Contract Services Group, Inc. (CSG) is thrilled to participate in OSHA's 2022 Safe and Sound Week. Safe + Sound is a year-round OSHA campaign meant to emphasize the importance of health and safety programs in the workplace. This is in accordance with OSHA's Mission to ensure safe and healthy working conditioning for workers through training, outreach, and education.

A blue and green badge with the words "Safe+ Sound Participants 2022"

Safe + Sound week encourages companies to highlight and develop their safety and health programs. Health and Safety programs are a critical part of every business because no individual's well-being should be jeopardized while at work.

CSG's Safety and Health program aligns with OSHA's Recommended Practices for Safety and Health Programs. The well-being of our team members and clients is a top priority of our business. As a contract cleaning company for hospitality properties, CSG takes enormous pride in our dedication to both employee and facility safety. Having a safe and sound workplace is an initiative CSG recognizes and emphasizes the entire year.

Safe + Sound Year Round

As a family business, CSG values and cares for all team members. CSG is proud to say that health and safety are prioritized in our day-to-day housekeeping and janitorial practices. CSG strictly prohibits any workplace behaviors that may compromise the health and safety of team members and clients. Safety practices are discussed daily to limit incidents and protect our team members.

CSG is a cleaning company that provides a wide range of services all throughout California. CSG's services include janitorial services, hospitality staffing and labor services, high-­­rise and low-rise window cleaning, window washing equipment inspection and service, floor care, and pressure washing. No matter where our team members work, their health and safety come first to CSG.

Safety Training

A safe workplace starts with proper safety education and training. Leaders cannot expect safe workplace practices without supplying their team members with the tools to succeed. Not only does training mitigate workplace hazards, but it also shows team members you care for them as a person rather than just an employee.

A desktop displaying the CSG team app. It is the app homepage.

CSG provides a variety of industries with room attendants, housekeepers, night janitors, window washers, and more. As a contract cleaning company, CSG team members frequently use machinery and perform maneuvers that are risk-prone. CSG recognizes these risks can be avoided with thorough education and training. Because of this CSG has curated a detailed training program that all team members are mandated to complete prior to beginning work.

CSG's training is permanently located on our internal team app. CSG's Safety training is part of our learning program, CSG University (CSGU). CSGU contains a vast collection of educational training videos and quizzes meant to set our team members up for success. The addition of CSGU has allowed CSG to further develop its safety initiatives.

Daily Reminders

Every morning CSG's leadership team hosts an internal meeting to discuss the major events of the day. Each morning a selected team member shares a safety tip or practice. These tips come in all different forms, but their intention is to improve the safety of our team members and clients.

This daily tip typically reiterates a preexisting CSG safety standard. Leaders are constantly reminded of our safety practices and relay these tips to their team members. Consistent reminders ensure safety remains top of mind during all work tasks. These daily reminders have proven to be successful as incidents and injuries amongst CSG team members are minimal.

Learning from Your Mistakes

Although CSG has curated a robust training program for all team members, workplace incidents are unfortunately inevitable. Once these incidents are properly handled, it is critical to learn from past mistakes rather than dwell on them. Learning from past mistakes is a great way to improve the efficiency of operations which benefits all parties involved.

CSG has implemented an ongoing safety program known as Red Alert. This is an incident reporting program where leaders and managers are required to report workplace incidents and injuries. Incidents are thoroughly reported and discussed internally so leaders can improve our practices based on such incidents.

The Red Alert program aligns with CSG's commitment to continuous improvement. Red Alerts have become a valuable learning tool for CSG's operations. The Red Alert program is strictly an internal mechanism and is anonymous so the identity and integrity of team members involved are always protected.

Safety for our Clients

CSG's safety excellence is not exclusive to our company and team members. CSG's safety procedures also extend to the needs of our clients. Constant code changes frequently create compliance issues for businesses and building owners. CSG's window cleaning and floor crew team protect the integrity of businesses by identifying and solving compliance issues.

CSG has nearly 50 years of industry experience. Our experience has allowed our leaders to develop an unmatched repertoire of industry knowledge regarding regulations and compliance. Our leaders stay on the pulse of all changes, ensuring our business is conducted in a manner that reflects the latest safety standards.

CSG is a trusted and reputable company and our safety practices consistently exceed our client's expectations. CSG prides itself on delivering superior commercial cleaning, window cleaning, and related services without compromising the welfare of others. A partnership with CSG guarantees unparalleled service and safety.

Going Forward

CSG's core values are proudly displayed on our website and throughout our offices. These values are customer focus, continuous improvement, integrity, and communication. Our health and safety program exemplifies the core of continuous improvement.

Two men in day-glow yellow safety vests and white hard hats. They are performing a load test on a building.

Safety has been a key component at CSG since its beginning in 1973. CSG'ssafety efforts have only grown and developed alongside our company. CSG's participation in this year's Safe + Sound Week is just one step in our large plan to continuously improve our health and safety program.

Safe + Sound Week is a nationwide event that is open to businesses of all industries. OSHA's website houses endless resources for how to improve the health and safety program of your business. To learn more about OSHA and Safe + Sound week visit the OSHA website. ________________________________________________________________________ Career Interested in full-time jobs, part-time jobs, hotel cleaning jobs, or California jobs at a safe and compliant company, apply here.

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