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Benefits of our Commute with Enterprise Partnership

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

5-March 2020

Brea, CA— In 2018, Contract Services Group, Inc. (CSG), initiated a ride-share program aimed at assisting our cleaning staff. We at CSG thought that this would promote both employee wellness and retention.

After reviewing the annual statistics with our ride-share partner, Enterprise, we are excited to report a positive & measurable impact for all stakeholders. Ride sharing has benefited our clients, our team members, our supervisors, and even the environment.

All stakeholders benefit from our ride-share program.

All stakeholders benefit from our ride-share program.

Employee Benefits

Employees saved an accumulated $1,782 dollars per month in gas. In terms of depreciation, an accumulated 234,500 miles of wear and tear were avoided on personal vehicles. On average, 20 minutes were reduced from employee commutes. The saved time reduced from uncompensated commuting can be translated into a 19% pay raise for employees as well as improved work-life balance. Many of our employees who had children commented how they appreciated the extra time they could now be with their kids. In addition to the benefit of having extra time, all of our employees who share a vehicle commented how the ride-share program made planning their day simpler.

Lower Recruiting Costs

$2,393.66 dollars were saved monthly in new hire costs. By increasing staff retention, we minimized expensive on-boarding costs such as recruitment, training, and background checks. This allows us to pass on these lower-overhead costs to our valued clients.

Client Facilities' Impact

Approximately 43 participants are currently enrolled in the Ride Share Program. By combining 43 participants into just 5 vehicles, we saved our client 38 parking spaces. The annual parking savings for our client is currently $82,080.

Furthermore, by increasing employee retention, productivity has increased at the job site.

Environmental Impact

Our partner calculates that without CSG's ride-share program, 43 personal vehicles will drive an accumulated 494,796 miles annually. In terms of C02 emissions, this is the equivalent of 22,772 gallons of gasoline.

With the ride-share program, we reduce the financial and environmental impact by a phenomenal 88%!


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