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International Housekeeping Week Celebrated at CSG

13-September 2021

The week of September 12-18 is International Housekeeping Week. Contract Services Group, Inc. (CSG) is celebrating its housekeeping and hospitality teams throughout the entire month of September. Each year CSG celebrates the hard work of its housekeeping team members during September. This year is exceptionally special due to the extreme strain the pandemic has placed on housekeeping and custodial staff.

The Housekeeping Industry:

Housekeepers are an integral part of the hospitality industry and are the backbone of the cleanliness and integrity of the hotels you know and love. Housekeeping has always been a thankless job in the hotel industry, but the pandemic has heightened the importance of housekeepers.

The hospitality industry, like many industries, was severely impacted by the pandemic causing team members to adapt. Housekeepers have since been asked to take on more tasks due to the new health and safety regulations that hotels are asked to follow. Guests have increased their standards for cleanliness and housekeepers have accepted the responsibility of meeting these expectations. New cleaning techniques and chemicals have been implemented and housekeepers have quickly adapted to these new accommodations.

CSG acknowledges the incredible flexibility of housekeepers over the past year and is taking this month to celebrate the dedication of the CSG hotel staff.

How CSG is Celebrating:

CSG is celebrating International Housekeeping Week throughout the entire month of September due to the large number of team members we have at our hotel accounts. Our month-long celebration is in accordance with CSG's comprehensive Team Member Recognition Program. This program aims to demonstrate CSG's immense gratitude towards its team members as well as build morale amongst our team members.

This month CSG will be holding recognition events at our various hotel accounts in honor of International Housekeeping Week. These recognition events will honor our team members for their years of service with annual service pins, certification awards, and lunch.

However, CSG’s recognition for its housekeepers is not limited to this month. Throughout the entire year, CSG has initiatives in place to celebrates its team members. This includes monthly raffle drawings and Team Member of the Month awards.

CSG wants to send a special thank you to all team members at our hotel accounts. We recognize all of your hard work and are extremely grateful for your commitment to CSG and our values. Thank you!


CSG is a leading facility maintenance provider of outsourced commercial cleaning and managed staffing services.

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About Contract Services Group, Inc.

Contract Services Group, Inc. (CSG) specializes in providing superior, high quality, sustainable, and reliable commercial cleaning, window cleaning, and related services to a variety of industries throughout the Southwestern United States.

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