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Team Member Recognition and Appreciation Programs

18-January 2021 A valued team member is a happy one. Something CSG has learned after being in business for the past 48 years is the difference that a highly motivated team member can make.

Because CSG knows how hard our team members work, we have implemented multiple team member recognition and appreciation programs to help show our gratitude for all that they do.

Our recognition and appreciation programs include:

  • Anniversary pins

  • Certificate of appreciations and announcements

  • Gift Cards based on CSG tenure and major milestones

Individuals who perform their duties using exemplary safety practices, receive a certificate of recognition and a free pair of safety shoes.

To further show our appreciation and cultivate a culture of team work, CSG hosts annual awards banquets for each account/jobsite allowing each group of employees to enjoy their year's success with their team. The account manager and at least one senior executive attend each awards banquet to help hand out awards, take pictures, and really honor the team member for all the hard work they did over the past year. Some awards include: janitor of the year, best attendance, and most helpful.

Happy and fulfilled team members that are recognized by the organization they work for, feel a greater sense of purpose to work with the company, not just for them and create a lower rate of turnover.

CSG wants team members to know their hard work can and will lead them to bigger and better opportunities. We first and foremost promote from within. Jorge Carpio, who is our Vice President of Operations, started as a janitor many years ago as well as our Human Resources Manager, Anabel Toledo. We are constantly looking for team members who show leadership potential to coach into new leaders within the company. One of the most recent internal promotions was Luis Hernandez-Alviso, who was a porter at one of our apartment community partners and is now a lead.

__________________________________________________________________________________ CSG connects via its Facebook Page, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram accounts. About Contract Services Group, Inc. Contract Services Group, Inc. provides commercial janitorial, window cleaning, and window washing systems. CSG’s online presence is located at CSG provides janitorial and window cleaning services throughout California, Nevada, and Arizona.

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