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CSG is Compliant with Human Trafficking and Labor Laws

20-January 2022

In 2010, January was nationally declared as Human Trafficking Prevention Month to bring awareness to the crime and to prevent and end human trafficking. Throughout the month, activists seek to raise awareness of the issue and support victims. Although January is dedicated to human trafficking awareness and prevention, society and companies must address this issue all year long through legal business practices and continuous education.

History of Human Trafficking

Human trafficking, according to The Department of Homeland Security, is a crime in which force, fraud, or coercion is used to compel a person to perform labor, services, or commercial sex. It is modern-day slavery with 25 million people trafficked worldwide.

Traffickers abuse the vulnerability of individuals to coerce them into forced work. Language barriers and unstable economic conditions make individuals more susceptible to becoming victims of human trafficking. The promise of well-paying jobs and adequate working conditions often lure victims into trafficking. However, these promises are not upheld, and victims are silenced due to trauma and shame.

Human Trafficking in the Commercial Cleaning Services Industry

Unfortunately, exploitation of commercial cleaning employees is extremely common. They often operate at night and on private property. The workers knowledge of their labor rights is also lower than many other industries.

Cleaning companies use layered systems of sub-contracting to hide labor abuses against workers from their client companies. A high percentage of workers do not speak English as their first language. A study commissioned by the US Department of Justice found that among immigrants working in the janitorial industry, more than 25% had been victims of trafficking while working in the U.S.

How CSG Fights Human Trafficking

Contract Services Group, Inc. (CSG) has a zero-tolerance policy for human trafficking and is committed to treating our team members with dignity and fair compensation. A job with CSG is ensured to comply with all legal standards.

CSG guarantees that all our team members are treated with respect, receive proper and competitive financial compensation, and benefits. These benefits include but are not limited to health insurance, proper overtime pay, and paid vacation. CSG offers commercial cleaning jobs throughout California, and we are proud to follow all local, state, and federal laws. Our proposals are always priced with the local minimum wage and vacation accrual laws in mind.

CSG's compliance with anti-human trafficking laws begins with our recruitment. CSG recruiters are trained and educated on labor laws. CSG's comprehensive employer verification program consists of social security number verification, checking employment references, criminal background check, drug screening, and a personal integrity analysis interview. Additionally, CSG's Human Resources Department will require each applicant to complete a detailed application, I-9, W-4, and other required governmental forms.

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Raising awareness and practicing legal business practices are some of the few measures companies can take to fight human trafficking. However, there is much more work that needs to be done.

Below are a few resources to learn more about human trafficking and help fight against it:


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