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CSG's Female Leaders- Women's History Month

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

11-March 2022

CSG female leaders pose for picture in front of CSG Banner

March is celebrated as Woman's History Month. March 8, 2022, was International Women's Day and is a day to uphold the achievements of women as well as recognize their past challenges. One of the major achievements of women is their evolution in the workplace and the rise of female leaders.

Women in leadership positions provide a critical advantage for companies as they advance gender justice and further economic and political progress. Women in leadership is an important consideration for individuals entering the workplace. Additionally, 2/3 of Americans believe it is especially important for women starting their careers to have women in leadership positions as role models.

Contract Services Group, Inc. (CSG) is proud to have a strong team of female leaders. CSG's female leaders each play pivotal roles in the success of the company. These leaders better CSG by bringing their diverse experience and ideas to the company.

This International Women's Day CSG highlighted our incredible female leaders. We asked our team to reflect on what female leaders inspire them; read below to see their responses.

The Female Leaders of CSG

Lynn Presley

How long you have been with CSG?

I have been with CSG for 9 years and 6 months.

Who is a female leader that inspires you?

There have been several women leaders I have worked with that taught me some valuable lessons and I grew as a result. Laura Oneill was my room's director at the Ritz Carlton New York back in the 90s and I was young and intimidated by the big city and the big brand. She mentored me and my confidence grew. I learned to be completely knowledgeable of my job and to be fair. Years later I worked with Chitra Jayanathan at the St Regis Monarch Beach. She taught me about integrity, honesty, and ethics. I received a gift from a vendor for Christmas and it was delivered to the hotel. It was a beautiful small coach handbag. After I opened it and gushed about how I loved it, she said it is a beautiful bag indeed…… send it back. Surprised, of course, she said it's not ethical to accept a gift from a vendor, and while it looks like a beautiful handbag it is compromising your integrity. There are been many strong women leaders in my career and I am grateful to all.

Anabel Toledo

How long you have been with CSG?

I have been with CSG for 9 years. Who is a female leader that inspires you?

The female leader that inspires me every day in my leadership is my mother, she has worked so hard and fought all her life to ensure I could have a successful and happy life by leaving her home in Mexico and raising us in a new country where she didn't know the language. My mother has taught me how to be strong, independent, set goals, and never be afraid to accept new challenges in life.

Ana Toledo

How long you have been with CSG? I start working at CSG back in 2004 as a day porter, it was my 1st job. In 2006 I left because I decide to stay home and take care of my daughter. In 2017 (10 years after) I received a call asking if I would like to come back and be part of the CSG family again. I became a recruiter and I enjoyed my job as a recruiter: talking with people, helping them go through the process, and making them feel welcomed to our company. 8 months ago I was given the opportunity to become a leader and grow with CSG. I'm thankful for this great opportunity, I'm still in the learning process to be the leader that I want to be and I'm happy to be part of this amazing company. Who is a female leader that inspires you in your leadership role and why? I would say my mother because she always taught me to work hard and never give up. That every day is a new learning experience, always look for the positive side of any situation, and never forget where we come from our values, ethics, and honesty.

Shauna Pearce

How long you have been with CSG?

I have been at CSG for 2 years. Who is a female leader that inspires you?

A female leader that inspires me is Brené Brown. She is a researcher who studies leadership, human connections, and vulnerability. I was studying communication and came across a 4-minute video where she describes empathetic communication in a simple, yet deep, way. I believe that leadership is really about making connections with others and allowing people to truly shine in their own, unique way.

Jessica Lopez

How long you have been with CSG?

I've been with CSG for almost 7 years; I started as Marketing Administrative Assistant, then Business Development & Marketing Manager, and now Digital Marketing Manager. Who is a female leader that inspires you?

A female leader (besides my mother of course, who holds her own as a CFO) who inspires me in my leadership role is Barbie creator and businesswoman, Ruth Handler. In the 50s, dolls intended for girls were often babies, or mother or housewife characters, but Ruth Handler changed all that. Not that being a mother isn't honorable in its own right, but Barbie lived a different kind of life and took on many professions including surfer, model, dentist, surgeon, astronaut, Olympian, and computer engineer. She let girls know, there are choices. Ruth created a toy that reflected women's ability to work and be autonomous. She presented Barbie to an executive committee who doubted her and said it had no chance of succeeding and she must be joking yet Barbie has become one of the most successful toys of all time. Ruth was an independent, creative, and powerful woman, and a model of female leadership. I have a soon-to-be 3-year-old daughter and it's important for me to instill these values in her and let that little girl know she can be anything she wants to be with dedication and hard work.

Yadira Rodriguez

How long you have been with CSG?

I have been with CSG for about 6 years Who is a female leader that inspires you?

I have to say, CSG Vice President, Lynn Presley. Lynn has been a mentor to me since my early hospitality career. What I admire most about Lynn is her personality. She makes work fun, always making us laugh...she is amazing. Lynn is also very compassionate. I believe she truly cares about her team, she is fair, respectful, and approachable. I can easily and openly speak to her.

Jen Ramos

How long you have been with CSG? I have been with CSG for 10 months. Who is a female leader that inspires you After a lot of thinking and even research, I realized I have a lot of powerful and strong women with strong leadership skills. I am truly grateful to have the privilege to know them personally and call them friends and family. However, for the purpose of this question... I chose a woman that speaks two of my favorite languages... movies and books, Reese Whitherspoon. She saw that not only the roles that she was being offered but the female roles in general in the entertainment industry, were not the best representation of our gender. She decided to open her own production company and social book club with one mission, to change the narrative of women. Since then she has been able to produce films, tv shows, and unscripted series portraying a more realistic perspective of the complexity of women and what we go through. I chose her because of her tenacity and dedication to making sure the entertainment industry has a different option for female actresses. Her vision has inspired me in my career to always strive to have a seat at the table; to be educated, knowledgeable, and reliable to make better decisions for the company and its people. As women, we have a bigger responsibility to look and support our fellow female peers. I like to pride myself in being a mentor, a visionary, and allowing and helping other women to shine as bright as they can versus trying to dim their light. Why I chose Reese Whitherspoon is because, with her vision, confidence, and selflessness, she has allowed other women to also become better actresses (Gone Girl), have better deeper roles to play (Little Lies), win awards (The morning show - Jen Aniston) ... my goal is to do the same... support the women around me to be better and together continuously become a better version of ourselves.

Manuela Lopez

How long you have been with CSG?

I have been working for CSG for 5 years. I believe that passion and developing a genuine relationship are driving factors that motivate my team. It is very important to understand each member's strengths and weaknesses in order to become the best possible team and ensure everyone feels like a true contributor for the company regardless of seniority level. Who is a female leader that inspires you? Michelle Obama is a female leader that inspires me in my work as a leader every day.

Antonia Deonate

How long you have been with CSG? I have been with CSG for 1 year and 10 months. Who is a female leader that inspires you? A female leader that inspires me is Ruth Bader Ginsburg, She has inspired generations of women to break gender barriers. Even after facing gender discrimination as she pursued her academic goals, Ginsburg forged ahead and became the second woman, and first Jewish woman, to serve on the Supreme Court. During her tenure as a justice, Ginsburg has fiercely advocated for gender equality and women's rights. For example, she wrote the court opinion in the United States v. Virginia case, ruling that qualified women could not be denied admission to the Virginia Military Institute. She was also a voice of dissent to the court's decision in Ledbetter v Goodyear.

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