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International Housekeeping Week 2022 at CSG

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

Clean floors, spotless countertops, and a well-made bed are what hotel guests expect when they initially step into their rooms. A hotel with these qualities is perceived as a quality hotel that guests are far more likely to return to. These are the expectations of guests, but such tasks do not accomplish themselves. It is the thankless job of room attendants to ensure the demands of guests are met and exceeded.

Blue, round emblem that reads "International Housekeeping Week Solving Tomorrows Problems Today"

Housekeepers are the backbone of the hotel industry, they are even referred to as the "heartbeat of the hotel industry." Their job has become increasingly harder as the hotel industry returns to normal occupancy levels. Housekeepers are expected to create a positive guest experience all while juggling new regulations and standards.

Those who have endured the highs and lows of the hotel industry deserve to be celebrated for their work. This is the intention of International Housekeeping Week.

How to Celebrate Housekeepers

Every year in September International Housekeeping Week is celebrated to recognize the unsung heroes of the hotel industry. International Housekeeping Week was founded by the Indoor Environmental Healthcare and Hospitality Association (IEHA). International Housekeeping Week began in the early 80s as a way to recognize to heroes in the hotel industry.

The event aimed to reward housekeepers for their dedication and boost individual and team morale. Because housekeepers work in the background of day-to-day operations their work is often unnoticed. The IEHA created International Housekeeping Week to ensure the essential work of housekeepers was properly celebrated.

International Housekeeping week takes place September 11-17th. The essential contributions of housekeepers and cleaners are celebrated during this week. All companies, big and small, are encouraged to participate in this week-long celebration.

Celebrations can include putting your appreciation on your social media channels or giving your housekeeping team a personalized card. Other celebrations can include luncheons and award ceremonies for your team members throughout the week. No matter, how you choose to celebrate, the intent is to acknowledge the thankless efforts of housekeepers.

CSG's International Housekeeping Week

International Housekeeping Week is a celebration that CSG is always eager to participate in. Our team members are the backbone of our business therefore we take any chance to celebrate their extraordinary efforts. The celebrations of our team members are exciting events that are often in collaboration with our clients. This joint celebration allows our team members to feel appreciation from all parties.

20 CSG team members in a room listening to a women speak. They are sitting at tables and having lunch.

Throughout this week, CSG will be hosting luncheons and awards ceremonies at each of our job sites. These luncheons allow our team members to take a break and reflect on the tremendous work they have accomplished.

Additionally, team members are recognized for their years of service at CSG. Each team member receives a certificate and pin to acknowledge their dedication to CSG. CSG executives will be traveling this week to attend these luncheons and recognize the service of our room attendants.

Although only a week-long celebration, International Housekeeping Week cannot be overlooked. Team members want and deserve to be appreciated for their work, especially in a thankless industry such as housekeeping. Be sure to make an effort to celebrate a housekeeper during this year's International Housekeeping Week.


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