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International Housekeeping Week 2023- 5 Ways to Celebrate Your Team

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

When you step into a hotel room, what's the first thing that catches your eye? Perhaps it's the luxurious furnishings, the stunning view from the window, or is it the perfectly made bed that promises a restful night's sleep. While these elements undoubtedly contribute to your overall experience, there's a hardworking individual behind the scenes who ensures your stay is comfortable, clean, and memorable. Yes, I am talking about the housekeepers!

At CSG we understand the pivotal role that housekeepers play in ensuring the satisfaction of our partners and their guests. As a company committed to providing exceptional guest experiences, we recognize that without our diligent housekeeping team, our mission would be incomplete.

CSG Housekeeper giving guest white towels

Housekeepers are the heart of the hotel. The men and women of housekeeping work tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure guests have a premium hotel visit. At CSG our team members are the core of our business. We are eager to celebrate our hardworking housekeeping team this International Housekeeping Week.

International Housekeeping Week 2023 is taking place September 10-16. This is an annual event that allows us to recognize and honor the dedication of these unsung heroes. It's a time for us to express our gratitude for the tireless efforts put forth by our housekeepers day in and day out.

With two weeks until International Housekeeping Week, there is still time to plan a team appreciation event. Hotels and hospitality providers like CSG would be lost without the dedication of housekeepers. Their commitment to excellence and integrity deserves to be celebrated.

5 Ways to Celebrate International Housekeeping Week

Below are 5 ideas on how to celebrate the heart of the house during International Housekeeping Week.

  1. Host an award ceremony for your team members to recognize their years of service. Every year from August to October CSG hosts luncheons to recognize every team member's years of service. It is amazing to recognize our team members who have been with CSG from 1 year to 40 plus years! This is a thoughtful way to celebrate your team members and thank them for their commitment.

  2. Visit your teams onsite and bring a breakfast or lunch for your team. Housekeepers are always busy maintaining the hotel therefore it can be difficult to find extra time to celebrate. Bringing in a special treat or meal is a great way to celebrate your team while not interrupting their busy schedule.

  3. You can also show your gratitude with a small gift. A small fight is an excellent way to show your team members how thankful you are. Gift ideas include a reusable water bottle, a small fan, a flashlight, or branded sunglasses. Gifts can be of any nature but it is always nice to give something that will be useful.

  4. You can also create a fun activity for your team to engage in while taking a brief pause in their busy day. If possible this is an excellent opportunity for a fun teambuilding activity. In the past, our CSG teams have painted pottery and engaged in fun games.

  5. Holding a week-long raffle is another great way to recognize and reward your team members for their commitment. You can host a raffle where your team members enter their names into a raffle to win prizes. Last year, a CSG account had a raffle full of blenders, speakers, and more. The excitement surrounding this event was infectious!

CSG President handing team member a years of service certificate

The 5 ideas above are simple ways to show extra gratitude to your team during International Housekeeping Week. The heart of the hotel deserves to be greatly appreciated all year long, but this is certainly a great time to emphasize our gratitude for their great work. Take this week as an opportunity to show appreciation for the dedicated individuals who keep our hotels running smoothly and ensure that your stay is nothing short of extraordinary.

As CSG gears up for International Housekeeping Week, we are eager to shower our housekeeping team members with gratitude. CSG encourages you to take these ideas or create your own and join us in celebrating International Housekeeping Week.

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