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Julio Aguilar: Right Place, Right Time

4-June 2021

On a day like any other, Julio Aguilar found himself in a unique, life-saving situation.

Julio Aguilar has been a Public Area Attendant at Paradise Point Resort with Contract Services Group (CSG) for 2 months and has executed his role with great care and responsibility. Julio’s care and diligence led him to perform a heroic and remarkable act 2 weeks ago.

Aguilar was carrying out his daily operations as a Public Area Attendant which included servicing the Paradise Point swimming pool. As he was servicing the pool he noticed a child playing at the edge of the pool. Within an instant, the child had fallen into the pool and was desperately trying to return to the surface. Aguilar detected the frantic struggles of the child and immediately jumped into the pool and rescued the drowning child. His heroic actions were carried out without a second of hesitation. Aguilar returned the child back to the deck and ensured that the child was breathing. He then safely reunited the child with its parents and notified them of the situation. Aguilar was met with countless thanks from the shocked and grateful parents. The mother noted that she has only turned away for 2 seconds and was eternally grateful for Aguilar’s attentiveness to the situation. Julio Aguilar was undoubtedly at the right place at the right time.

Aguilar’s extraordinary service comes to no surprise as he has been an incredibly hard-working and reliable employee throughout his time with CSG. He is liked and respected by everyone at Paradise Point Resort as he is always punctual and arrives early to his shifts. Julio demonstrates tremendous care and attention to the departments he works in. Aguilar was initially as a public area attendant but his exceptional work ethic propelled him to be trained for new positions such as guest calls and house person. Aguilar has also excelled in these positions and has even helped his Room Attendants when needed. His efforts during his employment have made him a standout member of the CSG team.

Aguilar is a stellar example of the mission and values of CSG being executed in full force. CSG puts special emphasis on the health and safety of our business partners, their customers, our team members, and the environment. He is an outstanding employee and his valorous efforts do not go unnoticed by Contract Services Group. CSG is thrilled to have such a responsible worker as excellent employees and service is what we strive for.

Julio Aguilar is the 4th child of his siblings and is of Cuban Heritage.


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