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The Hotel Workers Ordinance will change LA's Hospitality Industry, are you prepared?

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

The Hotel Workers Ordinance will change the Hospitality Industry in ways your Organization might not be ready for. It is critical Understand the Hotel Workers Ordinance and what it means for your Organization, are you prepared for the changes about to take place? What are the risks of not being prepared and how can you confidently meet the demands of this ordinance and ones to come?

What is the Hotel Workers Ordinance?

The “Hotel Workers Ordinance” is an initiative passed by the Los Angeles City Council for Outright Adoption without the need for Voter Approval. This initiative seeks to hegemonize the need for Union organizations by limiting the amount of square footage that can be serviced by hotel workers unless they are a part of a Union*.

What are they Key Changes about to take place?

The key changes to come from this ordinance is that properties who meet the criteria of size will need to ensure that workers adhere to a limit of Square footage of space they can service, unless they are a part of a Union. This Ordinance imposes several limitations to the work being done by current hotel staff, and strongly limits the amount of Square Footage that can be serviced by a Hotel Workers.

Housekeeper holding linens and sheets wearing a black and white uniform
  1. Hotel workers will only be able to service Amount of SF limited by the ordinance unless they are a part of a Union.

  2. Hotel workers will need to be provided with a Panic Button Device.

  3. Hotels will need to catalogue and track details on every hotel worker as well as every room they service, including the amount of SF, and the type of cleaning done.

  4. Ordinance imposes financial incentives to ensure rooms are sanitized according to its program or policy structure, imposing financial burdens for non-compliance.

  5. Any work done above the imposed limitations is counted as over time for the hotel worker.

  6. Each room serviced that meets “special requirements” will incur a 500 reduction in SF permitted to be serviced.

What is the impact this will have on your day-to-day operations?

It is certain the impact of this ordinance on day-to-day operations for properties with 45+ and 60+ Guest rooms will be substantial. A restructuration of your daily HSKP operation will certainly be needed as the limitations of this ordinance create a need to either hire more workers, or pay current workers overtime for work they were previously performing as part of their regular work day.

Additionally, more resources will be needed to create the tracking of each individual employee, how many square footages they service, and the kinds of services that are being performed daily. The way we service rooms must also change because there are financial incentives to ensure rooms are sanitized both before and after use, meaning that it will be more costly to service rooms adequately, creating extra cost to your guests and impacting their overall experience.

The way this ordinance is structured would place your organization at a great disadvantage towards hiring and working without a Union present on property, as the only way around these ordinances is to have a CBA waiver indemnifying the Organization from these ordinances impositions if they are working with a Union.

What are the risks of not being prepared?

The risks you run of not being prepared for these ordinances are high, as any failure or lapse to adhere to it will be subject to financial penalties that will take a toll on the cost of operation. Additionally, failure to comply will create all sorts of issues for your user experience as it will limit the availability of hotel staff to meet their needs and raise the cost of operation that will have to be passed onto your guests.

How can you confidently meet the demands of this Ordinance?

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Meeting the demands of this ordinance presents a challenge to the Organization of your operation, it will create many financial burdens and additional labor burdens on your organization as it creates needs and paper trails for functions already being carried out by your operation. The best way to meet these challenges is to hire a specialized labor provider, specializing in housekeeping in order to meet the demands of this ordinance in a cost-effective manner. Contract Services Group (CSG) is one such provider.

A company like CSG can ensure that the staffing needs of the property are accounted for and met, adhering to the standards and rules of any legislation or current laws for hotel workers. With CSG you can be certain that your staff will be trained and equipped to handle the challenges of servicing your property, but also of adhering to the strictest compliance of the current legislative rule set.

Essentially CSG is your solution to this and all future ordinances which may challenge your current day to day operations. CSG adheres and manages every single rule set that is placed upon our industry. We adhere and comply and ensure that your work force understands the organizations needs in meeting ordinances of this kind. The resources of your organization are better in the hands of your organization, with CSG you ensure that you are not wasting money or time with the basic functions of your day-to-day operations, allowing you to focus on your Guests and meeting their expectations with world-class service.

Where to learn more:

In order to learn more about the Hotel Workers Ordinance, visit the following resources:


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