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10 & 5 Hospitality Rule

29-April 2019

Brea, CA—Contract Services Group, Inc. (CSG) specializes in providing cleaning and related services to large, high-profile facilities throughout the Southwestern United States. We adhere to our core values of service, safety, and integrity.

Beyond Cleaning

We believe that our services go beyond the day to day operations of hospitality cleaning. Instead, our front-line employees and supervisors are backed by the training and experience of our entire organizational support. It is an important part of our mission to empower our 700+ person workforce. Our daily, weekly, and monthly training requirements are extensive and cover various topics in safety, compliance, and customer service.

10 & 5 Staff Rule

Daniel Vasquez, Senior Vice President, reminded us of our hospitality commitments at our most recent supervisor’s meeting. The 10 & 5 Hospitality rule is a time-tested principle of customer service.

Put simply, our team is taught to smile and make eye contact with guests as they approach the 10 feet mark. Then, once the guest comes within 5 feet, our CSG employee will greet the guest with the proper salutation, such as "good morning" and also offer assistance.

The 10 & 5 rule, and its many variations, has been utilized by industry leaders across numerous sectors. As a vendor, we strive to match the level of excellence demonstrated by our clients.


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About Contract Services Group, Inc.

Contract Services Group, Inc. provides commercial janitorial, window cleaning, and window washing systems. CSG’s online presence is located at CSG provides janitorial and window cleaning services throughout California, Nevada and Arizona.

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